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About Me.....

'Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your purpose'


Creativity, Design, Passion and Vision are my main attributes.

over 10 years in the fashion industry and still to this day I am constantly trying to break the boundaries within design.

My Experience, My Passion, My Constant strive for the best is Leading to create my vision and now is the time to put this into work. 

My latest projects

In all Seriousness.......

I am a highly motivated, creative, confident, skilled personality, who has been part a crucial part of the Puma Apparel collaboration and special projects team, from leading the team, growing the sales and working with a real variety of people:

- Rhianna 

- The Weeknd

- Big Sean

- Balmain 

- Kidsuper

- Chinatown Market

- Rhude

- Helly hansen

- Jahnkoy

- Les Benjamins

- Han Kjobenhavn

- Diamond Supply

- Bradley Theodore

and many more......

I have also been driving strategy for various opportunities within this business unit and company, interacting with different business units to help bring my knowledge - for example Puma hoops and football. 

Leading and working in this particular Team has led to me being the key figure in leading the meetings with partners, coordinationing with different teams (footwear and Accessories), representing the brand and creating clear visual direction. 

This has led me to being a key member of the global direction team. Where these skills and experiences help to create focus for the upcoming seasons for the whole of PUMA. 

Little side note......

I feel incredibly lucky to found something I love and can do for a living, and whether it is a good thing or not, my work does not stop in the office. Throughout my career I have constantly looked to learn and dive right into this world, culture, name it what you like. But that has given me some great experiences and helped me to understand the culture. 

I remember my first job ..... I would go home and sew and customise my clothes, the next day my manager at the time said 'wow I wish I had the energy to go home and do that' - I appreciate everyones opinion..... but for me I am now older than they were when they gave me the advice and I do even more than just sew my own clothes and customise, 

throughout my career, I have always sewn, customised my clothes, I have learnt new softwares, drawn, done graphics and launched my own brand.

Today and in this near past, I have taught myself 3D, I have really found my own drawing/ cartoon style, sewn my own clothes.

I find it very important to have a creative outlet outside of the office and even though it happens outside of the office I always share my work in the office...... 

if there is anything I have missed and want to know more then slide into my DMs or inbox​

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